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There are four waves of innovation sweeping through the automotive industry that will disrupt vehicles more in the next 10 years than they've changed in the last 100.

Each week, we explore connected cars, electrification, changing ownership models, and autonomous self-driving vehicles, as we seek to understand and prepare you for the future of transportation.

Feb 26, 2019

Welcome to the Vehicle 2.0 Podcast with Scot Wingo, presented by Spiffy!



[01:03] Hi everyone, I am Scot Wingo, the host of Spiffy's Vehicle 2.0 Podcast. Today I wanted to give you a preview of what's coming up in our new podcast. We're going to be exploring all of the changes coming to automobiles, including:

Ownership: There's a lot of new models for vehicle ownership, including subscriptions, ride-share, and fractional ownership, or renting. They're popping up quickly and driven by companies such as Uber, Lyft, Turo, Getaround, and Clutch.

Connectivity: Newer makes and models are coming out with cloud, 4G LTE connections, and soon vehicles will come out with 5G connections. What's that mean for the user experience in the car, and what new use cases will come out of connected car?

Electrification: Electric vehicle (EV) sales in the US are still relatively small, but in China, they reached over 7% last year, so we all know electrification is coming. But when, how will it play out, and how will the infrastructure be built out to support this new model?

Autonomy: Finally, the biggest buzz area in the industry is around autonomous vehicles, or AVs. What we're learning in 2019 though is that there's a lot of buzz, but it's a lot harder than anyone thought to have a general purpose AV and most companies are now scaling back their ambitions. There's also a lot of questions in AVs around LIDAR, which is the light-based radar system, safety, and of course the legalities of autonomous vehicles. We'll be digging into a lot of those topics as well.

The Vehicle 2.0 Podcast is going to be published every other week, and we're going to have several different types of shows. We're going to have Guest Interviews, where we're lining up a lot of great guests from all areas of the automotive landscape and with some of the companies I've already mentioned. There are Deep Dives, where we go really deep on single subject to help you learn more about it.

There is also plenty of news coming out about the future of vehicles: new investments, new companies launching, and what are the top OEMs are doing to make big moves in the Vehicle 2.0 world. We'll be covering that in our News episodes. Hot Takes: when really big news breaks you can check this podcast, where we'll have instant analysis for what that news means today and for the future of the automotive industry.

We'll be dropping our first episode soon, so use this opportunity to go to iTunes or visit and hit the subscribe button so that you're automatically subscribed to the podcast when it launches.

Thanks and we look forward to talking to you about the future of vehicles on the Vehicle 2.0 Podcast, presented by Spiffy.